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Open letter


We send you most sincere greetings and wish you good health and great success.

VFA Auditing Company Limited (VFA) is home to our experienced management members and young, active staff. They represent the qualities a distinguished service organization should have in serving its clients towards greater successes. The past years saw the Company’s steady development and fast growth as with number of staff, service types and client basis. Central to such achievements is the service quality we have and the confidence the public maintains in us.

Strong in our mind is the understanding of the clients’ significance on our existence as a firm in such a fierce competence. Our value added services are also rendered for the clients to benefit more while incurring no further expenses. We maintain close relationships with government agencies, professional associations, and technical experts in the interest of our clients. We are expanding our service network and force to keep up with the clients’ varied requirements and expectations amidst ongoing economic and market fluctuations.   

We would, by means of this website, provide you with an overview of our Company and offer brief information for your reference and use of respective subject matters and topics. As we wish to be with clients to excel, we would devote our best inergy and combined effort to deserve the trust of clients and readers.

Kind regards,  


Do Quoc Bao