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About Us

The formation of VFA Auditing Company Limited dates back from October 2005. The past years saw the Company’s steady development and fast growth in terms of business size, service types, client basis, and staff quality in particular.


Management members of Company


We bear in mind that key to our development with clients as a business target is high quality services to be rendered and strongly believe that with the distinguished strengths of a sustainably growing company staffed by experienced auditors and professionals, we will remain trusted by client entities taking VFA as partners.

With client to excel is more than the action motivation and work mission aimed by our management members and staff as one. Below is our brief introduction of the Company by Advantage edges, Staffing quality and Key personnel.

1. Advantage edges

Understanding businesses

It is our understanding that for businesses to develop, one and its partners should understand the market and could manage before its unforeseen upheavals. We are proud to have experts with practical knowledge of and working experience in the business environment of an upward-changing economy like Vietnam who can distinguish a local market from that in a foreign country. With us as advisor, you are surely supported strongly and efficiently for sound decisions towards predetermined objectives and goals.

Equipped with firm confidence and proven experience, we shall set up and maintain routine touch with relevant departments and ministries in Vietnam as a value added assistance to clients to deal with complicated legal, managerial and commercial aspects of business.

Client combinations

One of our strengths is firm coordination with clients. This is to ensure that both sides understand and attain business objectives for the benefit of one or both thereby to enhance our inergy to provide efficient value added services while to keep service fees acceptable to clients. This has been practised through the years and highly noted by the clients.

Clear mission statement

“With client to excel” is our clear-cut commitment consistently followed by our management and staff and proven with the cost-efficiency of the quality services we have provided. This has also become part of the company culture we practice. High quality services are aimed at as an essential part of our daily business and tireless effort.

Client basis

Coupled with the above strengths is a client basis we have built as a result. Our clients classifications and industries are diverse, including business enterprises in the economy’s key areas as cement, power, construction, communication, real-estates, etc. and management units of projects developed throughout the country.

2. Staffing quality

Quality staffing has been key to company growth, assurance of service quality and business success over the years. It is our policy to keep current staff and attract expertise personnel with working experience and creative minds and accordingly, significant investment has been made in recruiting, training and promoting skilled competent staff and especially talented people.

Our professionals are young, self-motivated and wholehearted for service. These qualities rip in creativeness and quicken the career development process. We maintain an innovative working environment where everyone is put to challenge towards equal opportunities for development. Our staff are sent to in-depth training courses and programs and keep abreast with updates of legal issues, job practice and client skills. Each of our professionals can work independently as an advisor to new problems opposed by client entities.   

We maintain stable growth of staff number even amidst highly competitive context. We shall keep and hold up the core values we have built in our people including professional ethics, personal talents; collectivity sense, individual creativeness…

3. Key personnel

Our management members, audit managers and heads of divisions built up their managerial experience and skills through their years with large audit firms and professional organizations. They have graduated from noted universities, colleges and participate in continued education or further degrees or international certificates. They are directly involved in audit contracts as quality controllers and in client service teams as leaders to meet increasingly high requirement of the clients.